Wishtleblowing System

In order to uphold the principles of accountability and transparency and support the practice of Good Corporate Governance in General, the Company has in place a whistleblowing system. This system enables all individu within the Company as well as those that have business relationship with the Company to report upon violation, alleged violation and hindering action within the Company’s group.

The Company’s Whistleblowing System had also been equipped with the following features :


Protection for The Whistleblower

The Company’s Whistleblowing System provides protection for the whistle blower by keeping the confidentiality of the indentity of the whistle blower. In addition, the whistle blower also protected against the possibility of hindering or reraliating action by the transgressor. Protection for the whistleblower is also applied to the possibility of similiar action by the third parties.


Procedure of Report Handling

The mechanism for report handling has been defined in written policies and procedure that include the following :

  1. Severity of the reported transgression
  2. Credibility of the reporter ,and
  3. Possibility of Conforming the allegation from the related sources.


The Party that Handles The Report

The party that handles the report is WBS team by way of receiving report whether through the electronic mail or written letter. Upon receipt of the report, the WBS team will undertake and investigation of the report through several stages.


Result of The Report Handling

The outcome of the investigation will subsequently be reported by the WBS team to the Director for further action.