Code Of Conduct

The Tunas Baru Lampung  Tbk (TBLA) Group practices and promotes its business in a transparent and ethical manner.
To further emphasize its commitment towards transparency.
In order to ensure business ethics and transparency are observed at all levels of dealing, all employees of the Group are given TBLA Group’s Standards of Business Ethics and they are required to understood and would abide by the standards. Failure to abide the standards will result in disciplinary action.
The Standards of Business Ethics emphasize the code of conduct.


  • All employees shall conform strictly to all participate laws and regulation
  • Any director or employee must declare any conflict of interest, which make possible any personal gain at the expense of the group.
  • Employees shall not hold directorship in non-TBLA Companies without prior approval of the Board of Directors
  • No employee shall solicit or accept gratification of any kind, be it cash, gift or favor.
  • No employee shall offer, give or promise any gratification of any king. In particular, this applies to any business transaction between any company in the Group and any Government body
  • No part of any payment in connection with any commercial transaction shall be paid to persons other than those legally entitled to such amount.
  • Where it is believed necessary in the interest of improving customer relations, appropriate entertainment of clients and prospective clients may be offered.
  • Contributions to political parties or movements, where permitted by local law and practice, should be authorized only by the Group’s Chairman.


Directors and employees are prohibited from getting involved in insider trading with regards to any of the Group’s publicly traded shares. No employees shall knowingly aid or abet the evasion of exchange or tax legislation and conspire to defraud minority interest of creditors.