Product Review

Our edible oil and fats product are quickly gaining market share over the years, we have increased our production capacity in Lampung and South Sumatera , where we currently have a market share about 60 percent.
We also entered into new markets in 1996 in East java by acquiring a cooking oil refinery. We see this as our gateway to other Eastern Indonesia Markets such as Kalimantan, Bali, Lombok, Maluku, and Irian Jaya. Since this acquisition, we have improved the efficiency of our East Java refinery and expanded our production capacity in 1999.
We have also increased the production capacity of refinery and built the second CPO mill in Lampung from the proceeds of Iinitial Public Offering, in starting from year 2000. We are committed to increase our production and maintain the quality of our products. We plan to invest in new crude oil mills in our plantations in Lampung in the near future.
In addition to vegetable cooking oil, we also produce crude coconut oil, stearine, crude palm oil, pal kernel oil, other consumer products such as cream soap and laundry soap which utilize fatty acid, a by-product from CPO production.


Since many years ago, the Company has planned to enter into sugar business .This business will be an integrated business , from sugar cane plantation  until sugar mill and sugar refinery.