Corporate Philosopies & Principles for Business Sustainability

Tunas Baru Lampung as Holding Company have more than 40 years of experience in doing business in Indonesia, Starting from the first generation that started it to the third generation currently running the business. The founders of TBL Group has built a solid foundation for our business sustainability which consist of the Company, Business Partners, and Customers. The founders of TBL Group believe that by achieving a mutually beneficial relationship among the tree parties, then business will be sustainable.

We remain loyal to the time-testes values of TBL Group by maintaining our integrity towed the philosophies. We highly valued our relationship with all the stakeholders. We will work hard to ensure that their trust is well nurtured and serves as a strong foundation for the Company’s growth.

In terms of sustainability management by focusing on four basic cornerstones: People, Planet, Product, and Profit. All these four components are expected to help us in improving our performance especially in maintaining the balance between growth and sustainability.



We are fully committed to improve the quality of life of surrounding community close to improve the quality of life of the surrounding community close to our operational area. This includes the labors, smallholders, and communities affected by our operations. We put ability and technical knowledge in accordance with best agricultural practices for sustainable plantation.



We are committed to contribute to the effort of achieving sustainable development goals such as by trying to fully adopt the principles and criteria contained in Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO). We are committed to obtain the ISPO certifications, especially because ISPO is an obligation to for Indonesia palm oil companies to operate in a way that is both environmentally and socially friendly.



We are commitment to produce palm oil san other products such as sago and rubber from our plantations that we managed in accordance with environment friendly principles. In addition to monitoring our applications of various advanced technologies to improve our product quality and productivity other aspects such as health coverage and responsible environmental management, remain as our top priority.



The key success of the Company in generating profit is on integrated balance of interest between people, planet, product. We decided that the best strategy to balance all of them in order to generate profitable revenue is by applying the highest standard of Good Corporate Governance principles, as well as fully implementing the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility and independence, and fairness.

The Company has put in effort in carrying out the business with the highest standards and rules in all aspects of the Company’s operations. Therefore, we have set a number of principles to support business sustainability, including:

  • All employees shall conform strictly to all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Any director or employee must declare any conflict of interest, which can make possible any personal gain at the expense of the Group.
  • Employees shall not hold directorship in non-TBLA Companies without prior approval of the Board of Directors.
  • No employee shall solicit or accept gratification of any kind, be it cash, gift or favor.
  • No employee shall offer, give or promise any gratification of any kind. In particular, this applies to any business transaction between any company in the Group and any Government body.
  • No part of any payment in connection with any commercial transaction shall be paid to persons other than those legally entitled to such amount.
  • Where it is believed necessary in the interest of improving customer relations, appropriate entertainment of clients and prospective clients may be offered.
  • Contributions to political parties or movements, where permitted by local law and practice, should be authorized only by the Group’s Chairman.
  • Directors and employees are prohibited from getting involved in insider trading with regard to any of the Group’s publicly traded shares.

The Company has had and will continue to monitor and evaluate the implementations of sustainable principles to ensure that all employees as well as management are complying and applying all principles. We strive to be a company that upholds sustainability principles in running our business in plantation sector.

Therefore, the Company continues to conduct initiatives related to sustainable practice of palm oil plantation. We work hard to apply international standard through our achievement in obtaining certification such as ISO, Good Manufacturing Practice ( GMP) as well as the criteria of ISPO .



We realize that there are a number of parties who put attention and influence, as well as being influenced by the Company’s business activities, directly and indirectly. We are obliged to engage and build a good relationship with all the stakeholders, in the short and long term. We periodically monitor and welcome any inputs as well as insights from them in relation with the company’s business operations, such as through public consultation, survey, and research of information, so that we can identify their interests and concerns.

While carrying out business activities, it is strategically important to find out all relevant stakeholders. As the implementation of ISPO standards are recommended for palm oil companies ( companies who have received the ISPO certificate and companies who are in the process to obtain the certificate), the company is also recommended to implement the stakeholders and we have classified them based in their interest , while also involving them with the Company’s decisions such as our compliance to legal aspects and our CSR program’s plan and implementations throughout all business units.