Risk Management

The Company understands that, in line with the Company’s growth, its operational and financial performances are susceptible to various risk. Therefore, risk management practice that are based on prudent principle have increasingly become a necessity  so as to ensure a healthy and sustainable growth.

The Company has identified the risk that is susceptible as well as formulated steps that would need to be taken in order to minimize the impact of the risks , and the are :

Business Risk

TBL analyze its business risk which exists on Company’s operational:

Risk of Market Price Fluctuation to the Product that produce by the Company

The Pricing policy  on Company’s product, especially on by product of Oil Palm and Hybrid Coconut, are depend on world global price. World global price is based on the change of world production level, world demand and world economic condition of all which always fluctuate on its cycles. With this fluctuation of world global price will influence to the Company’s product price, and at the end influence to Company’s profit.

Risk of Raw Material Supply

The Company’s acquired its raw material supply for its mills from its Plantation and its subsidiaries, including Plasma Plantation and the other  were supplied from the third parties purchased.Like the other plantation, the output of company’s Plantation and its subsidiaries, which become the raw material of Cooking Oil Industry and derivatives of Oil Palm and Hybrid Coconut, has the harvest cycles and it influenced by the climate, therefore the production of the Company;s Plantation and its subsidiaries always fluctuate from years to years. At certain time, Oil Palm production of the Company’s and subsidiaries Plantation can have a drastic significant of decrement or increment. If the production decreases, The Company may have difficulty on providing the raw material. Similar situation can exist on doing the purchasing of raw material or less raw material to achieve capacity in the future. This matter influence TBL production level and at the end give influence to the Company’s income.

Risk of Business Competitor

Nowadays, in Indonesia there are hundreds of existing Plantation Company and CPO mills and Refineries . Cooking Oil, especially on bulk, not only produce by large company but also by small company. These create a tight business competition and give opportunity of losing market position which usually gained by the Company and will influence of Company’s income at the end.

Risk of Consumer Desire Alteration and Substitution Product

One of the main product of the Company is the Cooking Oil which become one major need in Indonesia. Our Cooking Oil Market especially for the middle-down consumer. Cooking Oil of Palm Oil at present still consider as the most economic and healthty cooking oil. Dueto  the increment of the income and society awareness on health opens opportunity on consumer desire  alteration of product.

Risk on acquiring , Difficulty on Renewal and Decrement on Coverage of Plantation Land Rights (HGU)

Period of time of HGU for TBL Plantation and subsidiaries are 20-35 years that can be extend and renew. TBL and subsidiaries always obey every regulation connect to its business activity and do any anticipate act to handle all matters of its plantation HGU.The difficulty and delayment on HGU extention, also decrement of existed HGU coverage area, caused of Government Regulation or other things. All these will influence to the run of TBL and subsidiaries Business operational, and in the end will influence to the Company’s income.

Risk of Climate

Climate is the major factor on determine the sucess of Palm Oil Plantation business. The plant needs enough sun shine and rainfall. As example, in 1997, 2006 and 2015 there is El Nino nature symptom which caused several areas in Indonesia experience on abnormal dry condition and in 1998 , 2006 and 2015 there exist huge fire in Sumatera island that caused the haze that block sunshine to the surface ground and create difficulty for palm oil to do food cooking process. This symptom caused the decrement of palm oil production level. Such nature factors like this can influence the production of Palm Oil Plantation of TBL and subsidiaries, and in the end will influence to the Company’s income

Risk of Pest and Deseases

The Company’s  and its subsidiaries plantation were threated by a various of pest and deseases. The Company and its subsidiaries Plantation Management had taken steps of action for prevention by maintain and do intensive treatment, although can not guarantee that all these plants are free of pest or deseases. If  plants are attacked by pest and deseases, this will decrease the production  and in the end will influence to the Company’s income.

Risk of Avability of Superior Seeds

Superior seed is the most important thing cause impact to the quality of the plant when its start to produce. Nowadays, The Company and its  subsidiaries aqcuired its palm oil seeds from several seedling company in North Sumatera. In the future, there is no guarantee that all these companies can supply seeds continually. When it happens, Plantation Expandsion Plan can be stall and in the end will influence to the Company’s income.

Risk of Labour Strike

Nowadays, The Company’s and its subsidiaries has employ around 2.946 permanent employess and around 30.000 non permanent employess and daily worker that as daily backbone operational factor. When any Labour strike happen can cause distubance for the Company and its subsidiaries operational that will decrease production level and in the end will influence to the Company’s income.

Risk of Government Regulation

The Company’s  business is influenced by Government regulation. For example at 1994& 2010  the Government has charge the export tax to all palm oil product to control domestic price and in 1998 the Government has forbid the export of CPO which now converted to the charge of export tax. In the future, still there is a posibility that the Government will produce another new rules that can influence to domestic price and re-tax for expor. If happens, it will influence to the Company’s income.

Risk of Polluted Environment Matter

The Company’s  and its subsidiaries plantation need a clean and un-polluted environment. In the future along the rapid industry expandtion near the Company’s  and its subsidiaries Plantation, can harm the envorinment, if there is no water treatment as noted in the ecology environment regulation. This can effect the productivity level of The Company’s and its  subsidiaries. The Company and subsidiaries has done a treatment for plantation waste dan its facilities to ensure that there is no other waste produced that can harm the environment as noted in the prevail ecology environment regulation in Indonesia. There still a posibility on changes in the regulation that can affect to the exsist waste treatment process.

Risk on Importer Country’s Regulation

The Company plans to expand the its market and its export  sales. This can not be done if the Importer Contry put any regulation that to block import by charging import tax or other kuota system on Company’s product. This at the end can affect to the income of the Company.

Risk on Rupiah Exchange

Rupiah have a significant fluctuation since July 1997 and middle of 2015. The Rupiah has depreciated on US Dollar. The Rupiah Depreciation has caused  the Company’s loan debt which is denomated in US Dollar increase significantly if to converse into Rupiah. This will affect to whole Company financial progress. But, nowadays the tendency where Rupiah become stronger to US Dollar give improvement of TBL financial performance. On the other hand, TBL also gain benefit when Rupiah depreciation on US Dollar while doing export sales which denomated in US Dollar. The high value of US Dollar has caused the export sales to increase if it converted into Rupiah. Due the value bounce of Rupiah to US Dollar, affect to decrease TBL export value so can affect the overall Company’s income.

The Company plans to expand the its market and its export  sales. This can not be done if the Importer Contry put any regulation that to block import by charging import tax or other kuota system on Company’s product. This at the end can affect to the income of the Company.