Achievement Award 2019 Pusat Prestasi Indonesia
Indonesia Quality Excellence Award 2019 Award Centre
100 fastest growing company awards 2019 InfoBank
IICD – 2018
Best of the Best Award
The Top 50 companies for 2018 – Forbes Indonesia 29 November 2018
Best Quality Product 2018
Indonesia Sharia Award Warta Ekonomi
Emiten Terbaik 2018 Investor Award
Indonesia Best Public Companies Award 2018 – 31 Juli 2018 Warta Ekonomi
Most Powerfull Company 2017 Plantation Sector Warta Ekonomi
Top Performing Listed Company 2017 Investor Daily
Most Improve Company 2017 9th IICD Corporate Governance Conference and Award
Emiten Terbaik di Sektor Perkebunan 2015 Bussiness Indonesia Award
Calon Emiten Terbaik di JSX Bisnis Indonesia Award
Indonesia Financial Reporting Award,di Sektor Industri Perkebunan Bapepam dan LK, Universitas Indonesia and Bisnis Indonesia
Best of The Best Award – The A List Kategory The 40 Top Performing Small & Midsized Companies Forbes Indonesia
Rank 255 by sales and  rank 161 by net porfit, The Largest Company in the Global Food Manufacturing Industry Analysis of the World’s top 500 Food Manufacturers by Plimsoll
Emiten Terbaik Sektor Makanan dan Minuman Investor Award
GCG Award – Kategori Best Indicator Right of Shareholders IICD dan Business Review
ISPO PT Budi Dwiyasa Perkasa A – 2018
ISPO PT Budi Dwiyasa Perkasa B – 2018
ISPO PT Budi Dwiyasa Perkasa B (1) – 2018
ISPO PT Bangun Tatalampung Asri – 2018
ISPO PT Tunas Baru Lampung Tbk – 2018
ISPO Certification
RSPO Principles and Criteria (2007) for Sustainable Palm Oil Production
RSPO Certificate for Palm Cooking Refinery
RSPO Certificate for Kernel Crushing Plant